“It is not easy to find a better land than our “Tavoliere” in Italy, but I was very unmotivated and I no longer had the desire to sow.

The Vallillos convinced me to go on. They told me that they would take the wheat because they were about to set up a pasta factory as well. They know my fields, what I sow, the fertilizer I put in them and how much wheat it gets.

They are all set on the idea of bringing pasta, made with local wheat, all over the world.”

Crowning a dream that comes from afar.

Fortunato and Lucia Vallillo grew up between the “Tavoliere” and the “Daunia area” and could not resist the charm of the stretches of wheat moved by the wind and the idea of turning it into a pasta worthy of this name.

In collaboration with the local farmers, the wheat of Serracapriola entered a very short production chain: “from farm to fork”.

We are talking about a pure product, free of toxins and additives which, with the realization of the family pasta factory , gives added value to a territory that risked being “depressed”.

Vincenzo Piscitilli

“However, it must be said that they were brave because they always encouraged us to sow the most suitable wheat qualities and when today we see those nice packs of pasta, I think that it will certainly be excellent as the wheat used is ours.

Long time ago we had people for dinner and my wife cooked the “Vallillo rigatoni” without saying where they came from. Our Canadian relatives were simply amazed when we told them that the pasta was made with our wheat.

That was a very touching moment, my boys and I were just about to cry.”


We produce pasta with "zero" characteristics.

Do not leave your land when you could contribute to its growth.

Our goal is to revive the economy of Serracapriola from the shoals of a market with no apparent prospects with the support of the new generations, children and grandchildren of local farmers.

Their fields are cultivated with high protein wheats. They grow well and allow for our pasta to remain firm after cooking.

The production process of our pasta takes place exclusively at our pasta factory equipped with bronze dies.
All this is made possible thanks to the expert hands of a master pasta maker who directly comes from Gragnano.

Vallillo pasta boasts total transparency, first of all, the geolocation of the product batch and the characteristics such as “zero cadmium, zero glyphosate and zero don”.